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On August 20th, 2015

That one time I auditioned to be an ice girl...

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Every few weeks I journal. Quarterly I write down lists of things I want to see happen before the next quarter: job stuff, dating, travel, church, fun activities, etc. Usually I don't look back at the list for a few months and when I do, I write down what I accomplished and didn't accomplish.


Pushing myself to try new things: Some of you may laugh because I do a lot of things but I don't always push myself out of my comfort zone. One word I live by is extraordinary. Having a comfortable life scares me and has caused me to make a few moves (to different states) in my life.


Look mom, I made it on TV!

Growing up in Minnesota, I always loved hockey. For those of you who don't know, it's my favorite sport; probably a shocker since I am so into musical theater but it's true. This past year during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I stayed home to watch games instead of doing activities. I even went as far as going to a theater performance of my sister's in Orlando, sitting in the lobby so I could watch her on the TV and listening to the radio on my phone of an Anaheim Ducks game. Yup, that happened.

When I found out the Gulls were coming back to San Diego (AHL) I wanted to be part of the organization. Since I do social media for work, I connected with some people at the company and made them aware of that. When I heard they were doing ice girls auditions, I figured, "why the heck not, you only live once!" So I set out (alone) to an audition where I wore only yoga pants and a bra (not my typical attire) to skate through cones and shovel ice. There were camera's taking photos and shooting video of 25 of us girls; which I later found out were for TV and the newspaper. After we skated, we were called in to a room to do interviews. My goal was to be the outgoing, bubbly me. If they wanted me, great. If not, there was something else I was meant to do.


Waiting for the email: The tryouts were on Saturday and we were told we would hear more details on Wednesday. Of the 25 girls, they would hire 8-12 girls. I knew the chances were slim but I also knew I did my very best. When I received the email on Wednesday saying I did not make the team, I felt totally fine. I was proud of myself for doing something totally left field. It felt liberating actually! Just knowing that I went out there and skated with some incredible ladies (many of them either played hockey or were figure skaters) was a win in my book.


Question: What's something new that you could try? Ideally it's something that scares you, something you don't know if you'd be good at or something you've always wanted to try. Please feel free to comment or message me. Better yet, write a list in a journal and then do it!


*Oh and don't worry, I'll still be going to plenty of Gulls games, just cheering from the stands, instead of on the ice. 🙂



Image from UT San Diego

One response to “That one time I auditioned to be an ice girl...”

  1. Basil says:

    This is an AWESOME story Bartley. Thanks for sharing.

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