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I had the pleasure of working with Bartley over the course of about 14 months... She is a creative thinker, a self-starter, and a highly optimistic person. Not only did she help to create great content on our page, but she also actively networked on our behalf, which lead to additional business and contacts within the industry. I so enjoyed working with Bartley and would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking to expand their social networking presence.
Janet Lawrence
Owner/Manager of Set to Show
Bartley worked as a freelance contractor for my client TRX (Alliance). She did an incredible job! What was supposed to be a 90 day contract turned into 9 months because she was so good. She wrote blogs, social media content for multiple platforms, attended conferences to promote the business, and more. Consistently her performance reviews were glowing and I would hire her again immediately if I could!
Emily Peel
Agent at Vitamin T
Bartley has an exceptional attitude and was one of the most pleasant people I've been able to work with. She turns around tasks quickly and efficiently, without hesitation or argument, and takes feedback with a positive and cheerful demeanor. I'd love to bring Bartley on board for future projects.
Tracy Petrucci
Small Business Owner
With any social media or marketing campaign that I launch, I like to know that I have the right team behind me. I certainly felt this way with Yodel Networking. They were always accessible and responsive whenever I needed them. I was very pleased with the results they were able to get for my podcast! 
Dr. David Madow
Founder - Slice Your Age
Bartley provided a terrific educational and small group program for our membership on the value and changing trends in Social Media. Further, she kept our start up very simple by posting our photos and messages on our behalf. I found working with Bartley easy as she is very energetic, hands-on and personable!
Tammy Manns
National Director at Dental Services Group
Bartley was instrumental in getting our social media off the ground. She took care of a big portion of how we communicated to our potential clients with ease, and allowed us to focus on manufacturing. Also her advice on other brands to potentially partner with was so refreshing!
Rachel McTarsey

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