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On November 19th, 2014

"Marketing Apple" as it applies to your business

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For those of you who love to read, take a look at the short ebook called, "Marketing Apple" by Steve Chazin. The information in this short peace was remarkable. If you have some time to read it, do so. If not, below are a few key quotes that could be directly related to your company.


"Marketing isn’t what you do to reach your first customers, it’s what you do to help your first customers reach the rest. Remember, Marketing isn’t about what you say, it’s what others say for you. Make sure you equip them with the right words." When you are at courses, events, office, etc. you want to put our best foot forward and represent yourself and your company to the best of your ability. The customers are the people in the field who will be able to spread the word for you when you cannot be present. If they like your product or service, they will tell their colleagues, family, and friends. Your company cannot be everywhere at once. Take time to build the relationships with the clients you already have. They will spread your news for you in ways you wouldn't imagine.


"Make your website feel like an Apple store. Surround the product with testimonials and customer feedback." If your website primarily focuses on pushing people to buy, you are pushing the wrong thing. People do not want to be sold things, they do however, want to buy things. Show your customers what you can do by providing testimonials. Positive client feedback is crucial for any business.


"Many marketers forget that their relationship with the customer really starts after they buy from you. Make their first experience memorable. Remember, you are counting on your customers to help spread the word - and they need positive experiences to share." Again, when your company has events, you need to make sure you are projecting the good aspects that come along with your product or service. If you have people spreading the news about your product, your company does not have to work as hard. Let your advocates sing your praises.


"And remember that fan is shorthand for fanatic." Get people so excited about what you provide that they want to spread the word! A prime example of this is a client posting pictures and information about your product on your Facebook page or tweeting about you. Each of us could use more of that!


Time to shift the focus of marketing in your sphere. For the full ebook, "Marketing Apple" click the link below. Here's to building and growing in the social networking world!




*Bartley Stratton, Yodel Networking


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