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On August 31st, 2015

Ride MN interview with owner, Dustin Grice

Half of my life, I have lived in Minnesota, the other half in California. Recently I saw some clothes and gear on Instagram called Ride MN that I really liked. The owner, Dustin Grice, was kind enough to do a phone interview with me about his products. Hope you all enjoy reading about his process as well as get excited about his products!

Dustin Grice is a multi-faceted man. He grew up doing BMX biking and went to college for web, software and design at Hennepin Teach in Minnesota. After school, Dustin worked for five years at a bike distributing company in Bloomington. Once that ride was done, he moved on to freelance which he is currently doing. 10405640_859431186494_51832212383877393_n

His goal in starting Ride MN was to create a brand for all the local riders to "ride and represent our favorite scene". That includes bikes, boards, moto, snowboarding, wake boarding, etc. The clothing is high quality and his website states "not only do we deliver some of the hottest new items printed on the best quality soft goods available, what really makes us special is that we have simplified the entire process & production of printing, selling, and shipping high quality soft goods for all of our brands with our fully automated solution for startups & small businesses."

Ride MN started with Dustin making 50 hats. He had no idea if they would sell or sit in his warehouse. To his excitement, they sold right away so he made 100 more. After his initial success with hats, he started producing shirts, hoodies, bags, sunglasses, stickers and more. They are fantastic products and I am excited to rep the gear both in Minnesota and California!

For more information on Ride MN, check out the links below:
Instagram: @RideMN

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