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On March 8th, 2016

Interview with Owner and Founder, Sean Feeney, of The Lomas Brand

Sean Feeney is the owner and founder of The Lomas Brand. He has an unique story and it was great chatting with him over the phone about his company.

Yodel Networking (YN): How did the company get started?
Sean Feeney (SF): It started as an idea in my apartment in Solana Beach in 2015. I was doing corporate sales for eight years and having a clothing line was always something I wanted to do. Back in high school, I had a t-shirt company and I always loved clothing. Since I grew up skating, snowboarding, etc. it always summed up who I was. In March of 2015, I was unexpectedly laid off from my sales job. Instead of getting frustrated I looked at it as a fresh start at an opportunity to do something I'd always dreamt of.

YN: How did you start selling?
SF: Everything was online. It first started mainly with t-shirts.

YN: What was the next step?
SF: I launched in August of 2015. T-shirts were huge due to weather. Now that it's winter, I have expanded into sweatshirts, jackets and button downs.

YN: Would you say your main sales are online?
SF: Yes. However, I am now in a store. One thing I wanted to do was get in one store and learn the ropes. I got into Fowlers which is a shop in Cardiff. The hope is to expand into other stores, ideally locally in San Diego.

YN: Who is your target market?
SF: Anybody that enjoys the beach culture. I like simple balance but eye catching designs.

YN: Is it still just you who does everything?
SF: Yes. I do the photography, screen printing, marketing, books, etc. My whole goal was to start a clothing brand where I did everything behind it. I wanted it to be that the owner had his hand in everything.

YN: Is there any advice you want to tell people reading this in terms of being an entrepreneur?
SF: I want to influence people to do what they want to do. Instead of having to do the 8-5 corporate grind, they should feel able to create the life they want. I saved money during my sales job to be able to self-fund my new company.

For more information on The Lomas Brand, check out: http://thelomasbrand.com

*The tank I am wearing in the photo is awesome! It's thin material and perfect for hiking or heading to the beach!

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