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On August 26th, 2015

Three tips on living the entrepreneur life

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Let's get one thing straight, being an entrepreneur can be tough! There are days that are hard, lonely, confusing and downright frustrating. On the other hand, there are times that all the hard work pays off and it makes complete sense why you are doing what you are doing. Here are three things I wish I did (or did more of) with my career:

  1. Get a mentor: When I started Yodel Networking almost six years ago, I had wonderful people give me tips, advice and help. However, I didn't and still don't have a mentor. The funny thing is, I have a mentor in other area's in my life but not work related. It's something I feel is very helpful to be successful. I say it all the time "I only know, what I know" meaning, I am the one educating myself and I need to learn and grow with others.
  2. Set up strategy meetings: Recently, I had a strategy meeting with a new client. Sitting in a room for three hours coming up with a plan for their business, was a highlight of my week. Since I work remotely, it helped me get excited about fresh new ideas with a group and not just alone. It also gave me some face-to-face time I was in dire need of. This is something I hope to do more of in the near future.
  3. Know when to work and when to play: I'm an early riser. It's easy for me to get stuff done in the wee hours of the morning. After I spend some time setting up social media posts, going through emails, etc. I take a break to clear my head. That usually consists of doing some physical activity. Working remotely can be hard because many different things are calling your name: chores, people, activities, etc. Sometimes it's easy to prioritize, other times, it's not. Some idea's: use a planner to outline tasks, turn off your phone or leave it in the other room so you don't get distracted or try a new workspace outside of your house.

Hopefully these tips and ideas will help you to stretch your thoughts on what it is like to be an entrepreneur and help you grow. As always, please feel free to reach out to me or comment if you have questions. 11898603_942492279143256_6980199615020545878_n


One response to “Three tips on living the entrepreneur life”

  1. Basil says:

    I love it... Especially the picture. Here's on for you on what success really looks like (http://static6.businessinsider.com/image/4f967b9469bedd6828000031/success-sketch.png). Basil

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