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On November 19th, 2014

How do companies communicate on social media?

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Communication is the process in which participants not only exchange information but also create and share meaning.  All forms of communication require a sender, a message and an intended recipient.  However, the receiver does not need to be present, or aware of the sender’s intent, to communicate at the time of communication in order for the act of communication to occur.


Communication has been evolving from the beginning of time.  In early times communication took place between people face to face.  In 1870s Alexander Graham Bell changed that when he created the telephone.  Fast forward one hundred years and email started.  By the 1990’s email was a part of every day life.


Now in this next millennium we have created multiple platforms of social networking.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the forefront in terms of the way we currently communicate.  Of the three, the peak platform is Facebook which was created in 2004 and as of September 2013 Facebook hit over 1 billion active users.  The number of individuals and companies on Facebook is growing every day.


Not only is Facebook used for communicating between friends, but business users are becoming more prominent daily.  Not only do these companies have Facebook pages, but they also post pictures, videos, and custom tabs that help them set themselves apart from others. The best part is, even if you are a small business you can look big on social media!


Now what we really want to know is, with so many ways to communicate now, what do you use or find is the best way to get your message out to your target audience?  Does your company use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms?  Do you have a niche for communication that you find best?  We want your feedback because we truly believe correct communication is key to our relationship with you!

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