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On November 19th, 2014

Engage! Engage! Engage!

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again...Engage! Not just a hokey word from Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is also a commandment of social media.  It's not surprising, really. People don't like the pushy sales person or the know-it-all who talks more than listens...who knew? It is clear that this personality trait is brought over to on-line communication. Users of Facebook don't like being sold to, but rather interacted with. An easy way to measure whether or not you are interacting on social media is to look at the number of comments you are receiving on your posts. If you have 600 friends on Facebook and zero or one person is commenting on your posts, you know that:

a. You have very dull friends and you need to upgrade the quality and quantity of your contacts.

b. You are very dull and you need to upgrade the quality and quantity of your personality.

c. a and b

New ways to engage with people are happening each day.  Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. are now all able to link up together.  If you find one isn't working as well as others then try something new.  If You have a strong following on Facebook but are not engaging with your fans try posting videos, pictures, or notes.  Take a look at other what other people in your field are doing and learn from them.  It's time to engage!

*First half excerpts provided by Marshall Saunders, RE/MAX Results, MN; Second half excerpts provided by Yodel Networking

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