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Bartley Stratton founded the social media marketing company, Yodel Networking, in 2010 on the premise that companies and individuals can grow their businesses through e-networking. 

Yodel Networking works on behalf of companies as an independent consultant implementing social networking tactics via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube. Bartley has done social media speaking engagements for companies such as Dental Services Group, Straumann and others. 

In addition to social media management, Bartley works with companies and individuals as a virtual assistant. She is a type A, organized gal who loves making lists and checking them off! 

Fun Facts:

- Bartley has lived in three states: Minnesota, California and New York
- Her favorite country is Switzerland, hence the name Yodel
- Bartley grew up playing water polo, swimming and performing in musical theater
- Her Myers Briggs personality is: ESTJ
I had the pleasure of working with Bartley over the course of about 14 months. She came highly recommended to me as someone who could help me to establish our business Facebook page. My plans were to use her help for just two or three months, while we got our routine down. We came to rely on her so much that we continued to work together for well over another year. She is a creative thinker, a self-starter, and a highly optimistic person. Not only did she help to create great content on our page, but she also actively networked on our behalf, which lead to additional business and contacts within the industry. I so enjoyed working with Bartley and would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking to expand their social networking presence.

Janet Lawrence, Owner / Manager, Set To Show

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